Arnia LogoArnia combine environmental sensors with accoustic analysis within a single device and return collected information in real-time.

It is Arnia’s ambition, in collaboration with research partners and our customers to develop breakthroughs in understanding of bee populations that will majorly improve the crucial relationship of humans and bees. Arnia believes it already owns the largest database of bee behaviour worldwide.

Arnia’s objectives are:

  • To establish monitors as essential tools of all beekeepers.
  • To constantly improve the scope, quality and relevance of their monitors to aid the craft of beekeeping.
  • To supply / partner with all research institutions or companies who share Arnia’s aim of improving the health and well-being of the Worlds’ bees.
  • To establish strategic research partners to drive the collection and interpretation of agglomerated data from our growing base of users.
  • To be forever vigilant of opportunities to use data or equipment to further the understanding and appreciation of bees importance to our ecosystem.

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