British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)

British Beekeepers AssociationThe British Beekeepers Association (BBKA)  is the leading non governmental organisation and registered charity (charity no:212025) that represents the interests of the honey bee and beekeepers, the guardians of the honey bee, and have done since our foundation in 1874.

Without scientific research and the engagement of our members (24,734*) we would not have the understanding of the honey bee that is widely accepted / in existence today. As the honey bee’s guardian we have an appreciation of the inner working of the colony, their communication and their needs to survive as well as the pests and diseases that they face. It is through this research, undertaken independently, with our research partners and members, that we have been able to monitor the impacts of the above and to identify practical solutions to support the honey bee.

We work in partnership at various levels with the National Bee Unit (NBU), Defra, NFU, participate in the Honey Bee Heath Management Board and are a founding stakeholder of the National Pollinator Strategy. Our funding of scientific research programmes with University of Newcastle, LASI, Keele University and others demonstrates our commitment to the importance of scientific research. As a consequence we are respected across all sectors with an interest in the honey bee.  In all our activities we endeavour to protect and preserve the health and well being of honey bees and this is reflected in our beekeeper training and public information programmes that further these aims – to keep the hives alive.


Build the Buzz is part of the Friends of the Honey Bee (FoHB) initiative which primarily raises funds for further Varroa research and raises awareness of the importance of planting for honey bees to provide flowering plants within their nine month foraging period.

Through the hive monitoring of weight and activity we will be able to track the incoming pollen & nectar and it’s use by the colony; in addition to the impact of varroa data that will be collected. This will provide information to the FoHB scheme enabling us to further research within these particular fields. Friends of the Honey Bee and Build the Buzz are complimentary schemes that empower research through funding and resources.

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*as at May 2015

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