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Eat Natural
Build the Buzz, Founding Partner

Hello bees!  We’ve got your backs.

At Eat Natural, we believe that the more we do to protect the natural world around us, the better.  We work hard to ensure that we use as many unprocessed ingredients as is humanly possible in our bars and mueslis. Because we are so reliant on nature doing its business well, we reckon that doing as much as we can to make trees stay green and to keep wildlife teeming in its rightful habitat can only be a good thing. Sometimes, you need to give nature a helping hand.  And because we make lovely bars and mueslis full of fruit, nuts and honey – which are hugely dependent on bee pollination – we’ve always kept a close eye on the world of bees and feel that because they are under threat, they really need our help.  We need to help them in order for them to help us in return, by providing us with lots of yummy fruit and honey.Which is why we’re getting involved with the Build-a-Buzz campaign.  We’ll be backing pioneering technology that will be able to tell us more about the secret lives of bees around the UK than ever before – their movements, habits, and numbers.

Because we’re a very British company (we still make our bars by hand in small batches in the heart of the Essex countryside) our aim is to support the return of the very British art of Beekeeping. Beekeeping was once a very common hobby and it is now sadly in decline.  So we’ll be busy as bees to get more people around the British Isles keeping and maintaining bees, so that bee numbers go up along with honey production.  This will help the bees, it will help you, and it will help us to make more lovely bars and mueslis.

The Eat Natural story…. Bars of lovely fruit and chunky nuts…and that’s pretty much about it!

Eat Natural was created 17 years ago this year after its founders, best friends Preet Grewal and Praveen Vijh, decided they wanted to invent a wholesome yet delicious snack. Something with an uncompromised, uncomplicated, natural taste.  Something that didn’t rely on processing, fake flavours, or additives.  Something that they could make themselves by hand from the things around us that they liked.  They mixed a few chunky nuts, some dried fruit and a spoonful of honey….and created the first ever Eat Natural bar.

Preet & Praveen decided early on that they were only ever going to use the very best possible ingredients…stuff that was sourced from like-minded growers around the world, who believed – like they did – that real taste comes naturally. Every bar is made pretty much made by hand from start to finish, by Eat Natural themselves, at their very own ‘Makery’.  Mixing, rolling, baking, cutting…it’s all done in small batches, ensuring that every single one is made with exactly the same level of attention.

Fruit and nuts – such as sultanas, raisins, apricots, almonds, brazil nuts and peanuts – are at the heart of all of Eat Natural’s bars.  There are bars smothered in creamy yoghurt, or others that are dipped in irresistible chocolate.  You might even discover unexpected ingredients like popcorn or ground coffee.  We’ve made sure that all the bars can be enjoyed by vegetarians and most are gluten free too.  Big ones, snack-sized and little bars…there is something for everyone.

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