How will your money be used?

It will be used to buy the latest hive monitoring technology which will start to feed data into the Build the Buzz database as soon as it is connected to the Gateway. To monitor one colony we need to raise £776

Do Arnia make a profit from providing the technology?

No, the units are being supplied to Build the Buzz at cost.

How much of the money will be used to administer Build the Buzz?


What percentage of the money you give is used to analyse the data?


Do Beekeepers pay any money toward the equipment?

Yes they contribute 25% of the cost to Build the Buzz as they have access to data about their colonies/hives via their phone/tablet/PC

How long will the project last?

Once a monitoring unit has been fitted it will feedback data as long as it is fitted to the hive and bees reside within it. The Beekeeper managing the colony will be sent a reminder to change the batteries in the external unit.

Who will be able to use the data?

The data outcomes will be made available to those who make applications to BBKA for research beneficial to improving honey bee health.

Will I be able to see results from the project?

We will post information on the scheme with news and data updates and the donor reward programme provides more information

How much do you need to raise?

The more we raise the more colonies we can monitor. In order to have a viable data resource we need to monitor at least 250 colonies a total cost of £

How do I donate?  

Just text BUZZ21 and your donation amount to 70070 or  Donate with JustGiving


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