In order to make this project succeed we obviously require the participation of beekeepers. This involvement can be as an individual beekeeper or through an association. For beekeepers working independently, the number of colonies for installation is one or more. The data captured will provide an excellent training resource, hive record companion, and also feed into the BBKA’s  central, research database anonymously.

As an association, the equipment can be installed into two or more colonies, and therefore is ideal in any training, quarantine and/or Queen-rearing apiary. In all situations the data captured will be made available to you either via a mobile device and/ or the Internet to enable you to monitor hive activity remotely.

As a scientific project standard records will need to be completed and training for completion and installation will be supplied.

Funding – Build the Buzz is appealing for donations to finance this project however as a participating beekeeper you will be required to contribute 25% of the equipment cost to set up your apiary and to access the data on your preferred device be it phone, tablet pc or laptop.

Help Build the Buzz – TEXT BUZZ21 with your donation amount to 70070   OR  Donate with JustGiving   Thank you.



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