As a business you can help to Build the Buzz on a larger scale.

Whether it be to sponsor an apiary or a region the choice is yours; your build can be as large or as small as you would like it to be. As part of this scientific initiative you can be secure in the knowledge that your investment will provide a long term scientific benefit and will result in a greater understanding of our honey bees and their preservation for the future.

Honey bees are a key indicator species, by having a better understanding and we will be in an informed position to identify the best ways in which to support them in an ever changing environment. Facing the challenges of disease and colony threats such as the varroa mite, small hive beetle and now the Asian hornet. Data monitoring will empower beekeepers with the information on positive and negative colony activity enabling them to support as required.

Our bees need your help and in doing so you can enjoy the benefits of the secret life within the hive with elements such as live feeds and regular updates on hive activity.

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