Hive View PictureIn our daily life we frequently ignore the valuable science and technology that affects our everyday existence, just as many ignore the importance of honey bees. We are used to scientific research  being to used to provide an insight into product development and combatting diseases, to improve our health and wellbeing. Now science and technology will give us an insight into the world of the honey bee with the aim of improving their health and well being while also informing us of the positive steps we can take to ensure that we do the best that we can to support them; to the benefit of the wider environment and humans as well.

Technology sits in our homes, pockets, cars and places of work much of which we take fore granted our greatest awareness being when it fails to work and the inconvenience it causes. Without technology we don’t understand you wouldn’t be reading this. As we make ever more complex technological advances our lives seem to improve. And now it is the chance for the honey bees to benefit from bringing both science and technology together.

The BBKA have supported many research projects over the years to gain an insight into what we need to do to support honey bees, from nutritional values of pollen, pesticide residues within colonies, hygenic bees and many more in partnership with Universities throughout the UK.  However, government investment has waned over the years and now we seek your support directly to help us gather the data that will enable scientists to truly understand what is happening inside honey bee colonies through the partnership of scientific research and the latest technology.

Adam Hart Professor of Science Communication
Prof Adam Hart


Hear what Professor Adam Hart has to say about the vital role Build the Buzz has to play in the understanding Honey Bees.  Adam is Professor of Science Communication at Gloucestershire University and also lectures in Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology, Statistics, Research Methods and Animal Behaviour as well as several field courses.  Adam co-presented Hive Alive, with Chris Packham and Martha Kearney on BBC2 co-presenter of the series Hives Alive BBC2

‘The data collected from such a project would be a valuable resource to researchers on pollination and honey bee biology. Given that important issues such as the use of pesticides like neonicotinoids are being decided based on field data, these monitors and this project comes at a critical time‘ – Geraldine A Wright,Professor of Insect Neuroethology, Newcastle University

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