frequency spectrumAs with any scientific project accuracy of data is imperative and BUILD THE BUZZ has everything that scientists require in order to work with high quality data. Build the Buzz data will through the technology used provide:

  • Consistency: Measurements are taken in the same way every time minimising variation in sensor settling times and probe positions. Moreover, it eliminates the risks associated with subjective interpretation of things like activity; not only between beekeepers own colonies but particularly from beekeeper to beekeeper.
  • Reliability: Data collection is not dependent on a beekeeper to undertake constant monitoring every day of the year come rain or shine. All the risks associated with human error have been removed. Data is date and time stamped to the nearest second.
  • Scalability:  The number of colonies being monitored is not restricted due to human resources for data collection and management

Elements to be measured

  • Sound
  • Vibration
  • Hive temperature
  • Hive humidity
  • Brood temperature
  • Hive weight
  • Hive movement (knocked over or moved/stolen)
  • Meteorological: Rainfall, Temperature, and Sunshine.

What will this data tell us?

The measurements will provide information to compare colony equilibrium, colony development, map daily flight and fanning activity and assess the efficiency of nectar collection and processing. This will be useful when to compare, assess or quantify differences between bee colonies affected with things like: pests and parasites (Varroa, Acarine, Nosema, Small Hive Beetle, Wax Moth, Tropilaelaps etc.), viruses (DWV, CBPV, APV etc.) bacterial infections (EFB, AFB etc.), fungal infections (chalk brood, stone brood etc.) exposure to chemicals (hive treatments, pesticides), supplementing nutrition, evaluating genetic strains. In this type of experiment, the bees tend to be at the same location to minimise climactic and external environmental differences.

Scientific Research Projects

Those using this data will, for the first time have the valuable information at their finger tips to be undertake valuable research to fulfill  the BBKA’s scientific research projects into why honey bees are under threat how they cope with pests and diseases, the external impact of climatic conditions within the colony and it’s foraging activity.

This data will support BBKA’s existing projects and stimulate new research projects.

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