What’s Inside?

One Hive Monitor is fitted to each hive of the hives registered as part of Build the Buzz. Each monitoring package measures hive temperature, hive humidity, brood temperature, hive acoustics (flight noise, fanning noise and hive activity). It also detects if the hive is moved or knocked over. The monitor is a small black box only 15mm thick and is easily placed either just inside the hive entrance below the brood frames, mounted to a dummy board or fixed to the front of the hive above the entrance. It is powered by 4 x AAA batteries and transmits the data collected wirelessly to a Monitor Gateway.

Monitor Gateway

One Monitor Gateway per apiary is located within 30m of the bee hives that are fitted with hive monitors. This collects both metrological data at the apiary and data from all hive monitors and transmits it to Arnia’s secure central server for storage and analysis. The Monitor Gateway is battery powered and has its own transmission capability using the 2G GPRS network. No power or WiFi is required in the apiary.


Each hive will have a set of scales that weighs the hive on an on going basis. These scales are sensitive to the nearest 100 grams and provide valuable data when considering the nectar flow and colony build up. They can tell us when there is a large amount of forage available and that they are successfully bringing in much needed nectar, pollen and water.


We are in the process of developing an App for beekeepers to help Build the Buzz so that through even if they do not have a monitored hive they can still feed in valuable observational data. This will collate standard data be easy to use and if adequate funds are generated to fund development will be free to use for ALL beekeepers.

We need your help to get this technology into the hives and to create a better understanding of the honey bees needs, so please help if you can –

Help Build the Buzz – TEXT BUZZ21 to 70070 and donate £10 today  or  Donate with JustGiving   Thank you



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